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Book an appointment with Cynthia Love by:

Office Phone: 905-637-9900



Fairview Business Park (Fairview Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Clinic)

2289 Fairview Street, UNIT # 425

Burlington, Ontario

L7R 2E3

Phone Consultations:

Consultations: In Clinic (face-to-face) or by Phone (remotely)

Cynthia offers appointments via face-to-face consultations within her Clinic or remotely by phone, to clientele both locally & across the GTA, Toronto, and the United States.

For office consultations, she will develop your nutrition plan and review in detail with you. For phone consultations, the process and information provided is exactly the same. All ongoing appointments can be done by phone or by way of office visits.

For office appointments, please contact the Clinic at 905-637-9900 or email

For phone consultations, please send email request to

Cynthia Love

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