Good nutrition has multiple health benefits, and Cynthia will guide you on your path to creating the healthy lifestyle you’re looking for.


Your nutritional consultation with Cynthia includes:

  • Personalized nutritional assessments
  • Customized weight loss programs
  • Evaluation of current food intake
  • Recommendations for healthy food selection & preparation
  • Pantry pointers
  • Interpretation of food labels
  • Recommendations regarding food combinations
  • Recommendations on appropriate supplemental protocol
  • Education on nutrition & healthy lifestyle habits

By following the customized programs as recommended, clients will achieve measurable health results:

  • Weight loss (if needed)
  • Improved cardiovascular health (i.e. reduced blood pressure and cholesterol levels)
  • Reduced or stabilized blood sugar levels
  • Improved digestive function (i.e. IBS, Crohn’s, colitis, celiac, gluten intolerance, etc.)
  • Reduced inflammation & joint pain
  • Strengthened immunity

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