Cynthia has worked with some fantastic clients, and they motivate her to keep doing what she loves. Click on one of the categories below to read about experiences from Cynthia’s individual clients, corporate clients, and medical partners.

Cynthia Love is heaven sent!!!! I suffered with stomach issues for over a year and half. I’ve seen various doctors, did countless blood tests and allergy tests and I tried the hands of a naturopath. Nothing seemed to work! I was starting to feel depressed and helpless with all my stomach issues and sudden weight gain. My first consult with Cynthia, I was immediately at ease and for the first time in a long time, I felt hopeful. She made me look at the way I eat in a whole new and inspiring way. Cynthia really got to know me as a person and took the time to really understand my stomach issues so that she could personalize a food plan and implement supplements that worked for me rather than provide generic advice. It is amazing to have her support. She never makes me feel bad for my shortcomings, which makes moving toward my goals much easier. Since starting her meal plans and supplements, I am proud to say that my stomach issues have diminished tremendously and am able to control my weight loss. It truly is a pleasure working with Cynthia. I highly recommend her!

Shallon Garrafa

Pallett Valo LLP

I contacted Cynthia hoping to find natural ways to improve my health and am happy to have been able to return to a life I enjoy living. I was struggling with symptoms of menopause such as weight gain and acid reflux. Cynthia helped me by recommending natural supplements that allow my body to properly break down food and providing me with a variety of delicious customized recipes to choose from that include the nutrients I need daily and take into account my food allergies. The result was that I began to lose weight immediately and have been able to maintain a healthy weight that I am comfortable with. I am loving my increased energy and healthier lifestyle. Also I am thankful the supplements have enabled me to cope with acid reflux and avoid surgery. Cynthia is a great motivator and I always look forward to seeing her; she understands the stress of dealing with health issues. I would highly recommend Cynthia to women going through symptoms of menopause.

Debra Sheldrake

Burlington, ON

Following surgery that radically reduced my digestive system, I had been advised to “eat the food groups”! I endured nasty digestive side effects for a year, was tired all the time, had an unhealthy pallor and kept gaining weight. I contacted Cynthia to ask if she might be able to help! Within a week of following her recommendations, the nasty side effects were gone! Over 9 months I have also lost a substantial amount of weight, gained back my energy, sleep much better and look healthy again. All along Cynthia has provided support through feedback, menu recommendations and recipes in keeping with my food and seasoning preferences. When I stray from these recommendations the nasty digestive side-effects return immediately, a good reminder of how meaningful Cynthia’s guidance has been and continues to be.

Mary-Lou E

Dundas, Ontario

Cynthia has, quite literally, saved my life. In February 2015, I was significantly overweight and suffering related health issues; and was desperate to get healthy while not falling prey to weight loss programs that rely on shaming and embarrassment. I was looking for a whole body and mind approach; and did I ever get that with Cynthia. Over the past two years, I’ve been on a spectacular journey resulting in not only an 80+ pound weight loss, but also a huge appreciation for overall wellness including nutrition, fitness, and mental health. Cynthia has been there every step of the way with me, through the inevitable ups and downs, and always knows the right way to support. She’s made what might seem like a very daunting lifestyle change become an easy new normal. I look forward to continuing my wellness journey with Cynthia and encourage anyone needing help to reach out. Don’t do it because you hate yourself, do it because you love yourself and want to treat yourself better. Cynthia will be your guiding star.

Molly Meyer

Oakville, Ontario

My husband and I have been clients of Cynthia Love for over seven years. During this time, we have benefitted greatly from her nutritional knowledge and experience. She has successfully guided us through the maze of supplements and dietary facts that are often confusing. As a result, she introduced us to a regimen that improved our overall wellbeing. She was always readily available, responding quickly to any questions we had when we contacted her later.

Most recently, after surgery, we made Cynthia’s office our first stop. She advised a healing program of supplements and diet changes that helped the body recover faster than normal.

We highly recommend Cynthia Love for her professional attention, personable manner, and excellent nutritional knowledge tailored to individual needs.

Heather Rath

Burlington, ON

I would like to tell the whole world about Cynthia Love. She has changed my life….gone are the symptoms of bloating and light nausea. I love the food plan she made for me and am addicted to it ( a healthy addiction). Her advice is spot on and she is also very personable, friendly and supportive. With all the contradicting information printed about what to eat…it is wonderful to have a food guru who gives sound advice. I would highly recommend her to anyone who struggles with food issues.

Marg Plaxton

Burlington, Ontario

I first saw Cynthia about 5 years ago at the urging of my family doctor. Now in my 50s, my weight had crept up over the years and my annual cholesterol test had become borderline high. Fortunately, my doctor was reluctant to put me on medication, and referred me to Cynthia. After an initial assessment of my eating habits (were they really that bad?), and lifestyle (work too much), she developed a food strategy to straighten me out. Over the next 6 months, by following her counselling, I was able to lose 30 pounds, and my next blood test was exceptionally good. As we went through the menu plans that she provided, I became much more conscious of the importance of the food I was eating. There’s more to know than just the calorie count! With so much misinformation on the internet, it is invaluable to have Cynthia as a resource. She will readily suggest alternatives to work around personal preferences for specific foods, while having realistic expectations that occasionally less-healthy choices will creep in. Even when travelling on business, which I do often, it has become almost automatic to seek out the healthier choices. Five years on, the weight has remained off and the blood levels are still good. Cynthia continues to play a major role in my improved health.

Jeff Fenwick

A little over two years ago, overweight and out of shape, I made an appointment to see Cynthia Love. My wife had become one of her clients about a month prior to my first visit. I saw the positive results she was having and also found the meals in the new regime quite enjoyable and satisfying. To my delight the pounds began coming off and at my weekly visits, Cynthia could not have been more positive and encouraging. At every step along the way she explained the importance of a healthy lifestyle and our relationship with food. The meals kept me satisfied without any of the usual cravings I expected. I began exercising regularly and the improvement in my overall sense of wellbeing improved dramatically. I had always been mystified by which supplements to take and also their role in our health. My supplements now are customized to my particular needs. The eating plan allowed for nights out and the occasional glass of wine. Too often we feel we have to give up the foods we love, an approach that is unrealistic and restrictive. I am proud to say, I have kept my weight off now for well over a year and continue to maintain a regular check in with Cynthia.

Thank you Cynthia, for helping me to lose over 60 pounds and providing an encouraging and positive environment in which to do it. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Dick Wilson

As a healthy man in my 50’s with a stressful career, I have been concerned about all the negative impact life can throw at you each and every day. My goal has been to do everything I can to stay in good health. I was referred to Cynthia through a very reputable group of Doctors. I’m an educated man who realizes that you can’t ever know enough about what you fuel and feed your body with. I have been really astounded at all I don’t know about nutrition, and more importantly, how much better I am feeling since I have been working with Cynthia. Everyone likes to jump off on trends and different health habits; but food and all that you consume, is not a fad. Fuelling your body, mind, and spirit needs to be front and center; to not just live; but to in fact, live and function properly, and if possible, optimally. My time spent with Cynthia has been so profitable in the understanding I take away from our sessions together.

I have yet to broach a topic (including medicine, philosophy, spirituality, disease, etc. etc.) that she is not totally knowledgeable about. We have had very frank and open discussions about everything including health, aging, digestion, cholesterol issues, alcohol consumption, emotional issues etc… Take the time to meet with Cynthia and be open and share with her your life, and she will make it BETTER!!

Rob Vokes

Dear Cynthia,

I would like to thank you for all the help you have provided me over the past year. I came to see you as a friend in my office was losing weight and I asked her how she did it. She mentioned that she was seeing a Nutritionist to help her with healthier eating. I went home and researched online and came across your website. I am eternally grateful to you for all your help and confidence in me to lose the weight in a healthy way. Meeting you and learning from you has changed my life in such a positive way. When asked how I did it, I always recommend Cynthia. You were in my head when I was falling off the wagon and made me get back on. I couldn’t have been this successful without you.

Rose Milos

I was referred to Cynthia Love by my family physician because a recent blood test had revealed that my blood sugar and cholesterol were creeping up above normal. Being at age 50, my doctor felt these would only get worse with time. I had also been taking medication for high blood pressure for a number of years. Like most everyone else, I thought I had a fair idea about what was supposed to be good for us to eat and what was not.

The first hour in Cynthia’s office changed my life forever because, although I had long been concerned about what I ate, this was the first time that a professional, a Registered Nutritionist, had ever scrutinized my diet. She told me with confidence that even though I was eating a lot of good things, there were definite improvements I could make which should improve my health. The message I got was that more of the same was not going to do it, simple as that.

After four months I had my blood tested. In the words of my doctor, I lowered my blood sugar significantly for this period and I also lowered my cholesterol. I also lowered my blood pressure to the point where we dropped some of my medication. These results are obviously very encouraging and confirm for me that my diet has had an affect on my health.

This experience has shown me that proper improvements to my diet can have a positive effect on my health. I now know beyond a reasonable doubt that it works! I went to Cynthia Love for advice and direction. What I came away with has changed the course of my life for the better…. and most likely for ever. I really appreciate that!

Steve G.

Burlington, Ontario

I just wanted to thank you again for all that you have done for me. Meeting you was a life-changing event. In the 8 months or so since you “kicked me out of the nest”, I have maintained the new weight you helped me achieve.

For example, after the recent holiday season and traditional pig-out, my weight t only went up ONE pound.

So, wherever your future path takes you, you can be assured that you’ve made a real difference in your clients’ lives and earned their gratitude.

Brain L.G.

Stoney Creek, Ontario

I have struggled with weight, over the years, and have been on many and varied diets. I met Cynthia through my doctor’s office and was most impressed with her professionalism, nutritional counselling, recommendations, individual meal plans, recipes, her compassionate ways, and her genuine smile.

Cynthia has taught me that losing weight means a life change. It means learning about serving sizes, acquiring knowledge regarding a balanced diet, doing exercise, using control, and being dedicated. I was surprised to have lost 4 pounds in the first week and then on an average 2 pounds thereafter. I experienced more energy, felt stronger, and when I looked into the mirror I liked what I saw.

Thank you Cynthia,

Carole M.

Burlington, Ontario

I attended your seminar on `Taking the Mystery out of Reading Food Labels` and I just wanted you to know that I found it extremely interesting and helpful. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us…the hour and a half was up so quickly. It taught me a lot, and also taught me that there is way more to learn! I really enjoyed it. Thank you again.

Carol V.

Burlington, Ontario

In July of 2009, I visited my family physician to obtain blood test results to determine the cause of my headaches. I was taking 12 pain pills per day and the test results were shocking to me. Other than my prostate being normal and being cancer free, I failed every other test. My blood sugar was high, my cholesterol almost 7, my Thyroid inactive, and my blood pressure was 173/113. I weighed 232 lbs, wore a size 38 pant and couldn’t walk up two flights of stairs without stopping to catch my breath.

My physician strongly suggested that I see Cynthia Love to see if I could get things on track with her help. Being 54, I didn’t think too much of it but decided why not what could it hurt? What a shock!!! In the past 3 months, I have learned what real food is….. and what it is not and the results are amazing. I have lost 52 lbs and now weigh 178; my pant size is 30 and I feel better than I have in years. My most recent blood pressure results were 117/77; my headaches are gone, and I am up to 2 ½ miles per day on the treadmill. So called ‘normal food’ does not taste normal anymore and I actually like what I make. My thyroid is now normal and I will be having blood work done this month to see where I stand.

All the above could not have been done without my physician referral to Cynthia, and her expert knowledge of what to do with someone having my health issues. I would recommend her without question because if I can do it anyone can. She has made it fun for me and challenged me to get my life back. I owe her my life and am forever grateful for that.

R. Richardson

Fort Erie, Ontario

Several years ago I began suffering from frequent severe headaches. After many unsatisfactory Doctor , Specialist, Chiropractor and Hospital visits to try and solve the problem, I took my Doctors advice and went to see Cynthia Love to try a dietary approach to my headache issue.

Under Cynthia’s expert and caring direction I saw an almost instant change in my overall health , my attitude has changed and I feel so much better in general. I have had no headaches for over three months and as an added bonus I have lost approximately ten pounds a month (29 pounds to date) which is not only extremely healthy but has made me feel better about myself.

If you are honest with Cynthia about your eating habits she will put you on the right track to a healthier life style, the meal plans are also very tasty and satisfying.

Paul C.

Burlington, Ontario

I visited Cynthia two years ago, after excessive inactivity and stress brought on a declining health trend. I was underweight, had difficulty concentrating, and generally felt unwell. One of the troubleshooting steps was a professional evaluation of my nutrition and any applicable corrections. Cynthia started with the simplest things that needed to be fixed – proper breakfasts – and was incredibly helpful with designing meals that I could prepare in hectic and imperfect circumstances. This started the process, and as my condition improved she further assisted with a nutrition plan for fitness training, concentration, and increased energy. To say that has been a success is an understatement; I exceeded my fitness goals and have far better education on what to eat, why, and when. I cannot recommend highly enough that any self improvement goals be accompanied by evaluating and establishing a proper nutrition plan. Cynthia’s professional and knowledgeable guidance was crucial to this process.

Mike Gladkowski

Burlington, Ontario

For many years I have struggled with poor eating habits, digestive issues and more recently weight gain. After attending several lunch and learn sessions hosted by Cynthia Love, I knew I had to consult with her personally. I have to say, it has been one of the best decisions I have made. She is extremely motivational, knowledgeable, personable and just a pleasure to deal with. As a female, many of us feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about discussing our issues and cringe at the word ‘diet’. With Cynthia this was not the case, I felt very comfortable and I do not feel like I am on a diet but rather making a positive life style change. Shortly after one week of taking the supplements she recommended and the TASTY meal plan she set out for me, I finally felt like myself again… and I lost 8 pounds! I am very grateful for having the opportunity to meet Cynthia and I am embracing the new me with confidence. Thank you Cynthia!

Sara Robitaille

Pallett Valo LLP

Mississauga, Ontario

We asked Cynthia to deliver a nutritional information session during the NAOSH week in 2017 at our corporate office, and we were very happy to have her attend. Cynthia was well prepared and was very knowledgeable. Employees that attended the session found it very informative and thoroughly enjoyed the content and Cynthia’s expertise. She was able to answer all questions and provide concrete real-life examples. Cynthia has a great positive attitude and confidence that definitely comes across during her presentations! Thank you so much for joining us Cynthia, we look forward to having you again!

Cristina Ghinet, CRSP

Senior Manager, Health & Safety

Cogeco Canada

Cynthia presented a few years ago at CGA Ontario which employees regarded with high praise. We were able to have Cynthia return in May 2013 to present to our staff. The feedback was amazing. Employees were eager to learn and took many notes. Cynthia was able to present and interact with staff and handle the numerous questions.

Alicia Fernandez

Human Resources Manager

Certified General Accountants of Ontario

It was great to have Cynthia come to our office and speak with our employees at our Lunch and Learn here at Shell Lubricants. We had nothing but great feedback from all of them and I know each one of us went away having learned something new that we could put into practice. Cynthia was so accommodating and we enjoyed the interactive format that she provided. We look forward to having Cynthia back in 2012 to have her present another topic. Here are some employee quotes:

“Thank you so much for the handouts and for organizing the Lunch & Learn. Cynthia was very knowledgeable and quite interesting. I was sorry to have the session end and could have listened to her… and learned from her for the rest of the afternoon! Thank you again.”

“Thanks for doing this! It was awesome! Really glad I attended.”

Helen Callon

Sales Analyst

Shell Canada

On behalf of Geosign, I would like to thank you for the ‘Lunch and Learn’ Nutrition seminars which you delivered to Geosign employees.

Your seminars were very informative, well organized and interesting. All of the feedback I received from employees, regarding your presentations was positive. Attendees were impressed with your knowledge, described you as very ‘down to earth’ and enjoyed your sense of humour!

All that attended your seminare benefited immensely. Even those who felt they had a good grasp on nutrition and health said they learned a great deal and have been able to incorporate your helpful tips into their diet and everyday life.

We also appreciate your flexibility with time and location and are very grateful that you agreed to deliver your seminars at both Geosign locations this fall!

Thank you again, and we look forward to having you back in the future!

Tim Nye

Geosign, CEO

Every once in a while we have the opportunity to tell others about a positive experience, with the hopes that they too will benefit.

This is why I am writing today about Cynthia Love.

As your Financial Planner, I admit this is way out of the scope of your relationship, and I hope you don’t misconstrue the intent of sending you this. Financial Planning is all part of Life Planning, and if you can live a healthier and happier life, and I can be of some help (at least in pointing out professionals like Cynthia to help) then I am doing my job.

he web site I have sent you is from a local Nutritional Consultant named Cynthia Love. Cynthia has recently worked with my wife and I, and we were thrilled with her suggestions and have implemented her ideas. She has also worked with my mother-in-law with very good results.

I would strongly encourage you to have a look at Cynthia’s website. Admittedly, I had my doubts at first (thinking she would recommend that I eat nothing but grass and veggie drinks) but that wasn’t the case. She can help in a variety of ways, and often in ways you can’t imagine (changing my wife’s diet solved her eczema problems that she’d had for 6 years!)

Again, I hope this is received in the right light. We were so impressed, we wanted to pass long Cynthia’s website. Please don’t hesitate to reply or call with any questions.

Rod White

Branch Manager & Associate Director, Wealth Management

I would like to thank you for the nutrition seminars that you conducted at Oracle Canada over the past 6 months. Based on employee feedback, the lunch and learn seminars were exceptionally well received, easy to understand and high beneficial.

Participants commented that they learned a lot about nutrition and felt inspired to make changes to their diet; further they found you to be very knowledgeable on all the topic areas presented and felt that the information was provided in a format that was easy to understand.

Given the current stressful lifestyles that people are experiencing, it’s important that they begin to take personal responsibility for their health. As you know, a healthier individual is more productive and absent from work less often. We look forward to working with you again soon!

Adele Speers, CPFLA, PTS, FIS, NWS, PPNS

Oracle Fitness Director

Thanks so much Cynthia. The lunch and learn seminars that you gave at Universal Studio’s were very informative, interesting, and you made them really easy to understand. You are very professional, and we would love to have you back again to give another seminar soon!

Thanks again!

Barby Ginsberg, CSEP-CPT, CPTN- CPT, HLC 1, RAB 2

Fitness Director-Universal Studios and Music of Canada

I had the pleasure of meeting Cynthia Love at one of her ‘Lunch and Learn’ seminars at my place of work. Wow… I was blown-away with the knowledge about food and nutrition that we received from her. I was able to have a couple of one-on-one sessions with her that have changed my life. Finally, my body is changing for the good! Slowly but surely… I have more energy, sleep much better and really love the meal plan recipes that she has given me… her recommended supplement program has clarified my skin and has helped my digestion tremendously… and my sugar addiction is gone… it’s a miracle!

Sherrie Beckford

Canadian National Specification Sales

Wilsonart Canada Inc.

Cynthia Love, of Natural Expectations, provided a series of ‘Lunch & Learns’ for our employees. Cynthia offered nutritional advice for a healthier lifestyle in an interesting and motivational manner. With her knowledge and background, Cynthia easily answered questions and educated the group on better nutritional choices to make for themselves and their families. Many of our employees benefitted from the sessions and have incorporated what they learned into their daily lives.

Frances Wales

C.H.R.P. Chief Operating Officer and Chief Human Resources Officer

Pallett Valo LLP

I have known Cynthia professionally for almost 10 years. During that period, I have referred many patients to her regarding their concerns of diabetes, cholesterol, weight issues, general health and wellbeing etc. I have also consulted with her on my own nutritional needs. In dealing with myself and my patients she has always been insightful and professional with a warm personal touch. She has been effective in helping clients achieve results and meet their goals though proper menu planning and clarification of what foods are good for them and what foods they need to avoid.

Dr. Keith Comeau, MD., CCFP

Fairview Medical Clinic

Burlington, Ontario

As a physician running a busy medical practice, it is sometimes difficult to spend as much time as needed to educate patients on the relationship between proper nutrition and good health.

The seminar which you conducted for my patients at the Kelso Medical Clinic was extremely informative, interactive and beneficial to participants. I am pleased that I attended and have since made changes to my diet and lifestyle resulting in a positive impact on my overall health. I have experienced increased energy, weight loss and less stress.

As a physician, I would recommend participation in this program to individuals wishing to be healthier.

Dr. Maryan Rostami, MD, CCFP

Kelso Lake Medical Centre

Milton, Ontario

I had the pleasure of working with Cynthia Love from September 2007 through to March 2009. Cynthia joined my team of interdisciplinary health care professionals at the Family Practice Centre of Integrative Health and Healing in Burlington, Ontario as a nutritionist and became an integral part of our health care team. She was a great team member and worked especially well with the naturopathic physician and myself.

Cynthia effectively counseled our patients on good nutrition. She was able to engage with them and motivate them to accomplish their goals in regards to weight loss and healthful eating. She also was a knowledgeable contributor to our newsletter and held informational lectures at our centre. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cynthia as a nutritionist and integral part of a health care team.

Dr. Esther Konigsberg, MD CCFP

The Family Practice Centre of Integrative Health & Healing


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