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Nutrition Seminars/Workshops in the Workplace

Why invest in Wellness?

A recent survey by the Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions confirms both the need and the interest in improved levels of employee health. The survey confirmed that "Wellness programs are a long term investment in a healthier, happier and more productive workforce that will be good for the workers waistlines and companies bottom lines."

Cynthia Love provides nutritional services at the workplace including group seminars and individualized consulting. Program involvement includes employees as well as spouses, where appropriate.

Nutrition seminars are an efficient, cost-effective way to encourage employees to lead healthier lives... and healthier employees lead to lower costs for employers and employees. Seminars are typically 45-60 minutes in length and range from single sessions to seminar series, based on organizational needs and interests.

Seminar Topics

The Diet Myth - How to Lose Weight Healthfully
  • There is much conflicting information about how to lose weight.
  • This seminar assists our understanding in why we gain weight, misconceptions about weight loss and the role carbohydrates, protein and fats play in the diet... and how they affect our weight. Losing weight healthfully and keeping it off can only be done when we eat properly for a lifetime.
The Truth about Fats
  • Research shows that the total amount of fat in the diet is not really linked with weight or disease. What really matters is the type of fat in the diet.
  • 'Bad Fats' increase the risk of certain diseases and lead to many degenerative diseases while 'Good Fats' have significant positive impacts on many areas of overall personal health. This seminar teaches the different classifications of fats, how they impact health, in which foods they reside and how to read labels. It is vital to become comfortable in knowing which fats to include or exclude in the diet, as well as how to store, cook and prepare foods using different fats.
Taking the Mystery out of Reading Food Labels
  • If you want to eat healthier, lose those excess pounds and have more energy, the food that we choose to eat has a huge impact on our overall health. With so much conflicting information in newspapers, TV and food advertisements, choosing healthy foods in the grocery store has become an increasing challenge.
  • Anyone interested in knowing more about how to read labels on food packages will benefit from this seminar which will teach you how to read the ‘nutrition facts’ label on all foods, how to select healthy carbohydrates, proteins and fats, how to detect hidden ingredients that make our food unhealthy and what additives and preservatives are in our foods. The debate on why eat organic and ‘is it better’ will be clarified, as well.
Key Nutrition Tips
  • As consumers, we are overwhelmed with nutritional information, data, sources and resources, much of which is conflicting in nature.
  • This seminar will help you to assess your nutrition knowledge and provide easy ways to improve your diet through pantry pointers and alternatives to common foods. Learn which select foods help optimize energy and increase overall vitality to support a long healthy life.
Fitness and Sports Nutrition
  • Elite athletes and individuals in high performance training programs have their own distinct nutritional requirements.
  • This seminar covers metabolism, growing (or aging) bodies, plus special dietary requirements for protein, fat and carbohydrates. Proper hydration, iron related performance issues and eating strategies to maximize daily training and weekly race performances is a focus, along with common food-related challenges of elite athletes.
Managing Stress with Diet and Nutrition
  • Stress can have a significant, negative impact on our health and influence our quality of life. How we respond to stress is determined by our overall physical and mental health.
  • Lack of sleep, work issues, illness, poor eating habits and lack of exercise are some of the habits which place stress on our body. A proper diet and exercise regimen supported by nutritional supplements will increase energy levels and the ability to manage stress …..and fend off many illnesses caused by stress. Selecting appropriate foods for your diet and avoiding other foods can be an effective coping mechanism.