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"Without proper food, medicine is of no use;
and with proper food, medicine is of no need."

- Ancient Ayurvedic Precept

Cynthia Love - Burlington NutritionistWelcome to Natural Expectations!

As a Registered Nutritionist, Cynthia Love works with individuals who have a genuine motivation to become healthier through diet and lifestyle changes. Whether your goal is to lose weight, lower blood sugar, blood pressure or cholesterol, increase energy or to prevent various chronic health conditions, she will provide you with the tools and support you need to start eating healthfully today and for the long term.

Often we make dietary and lifestyle choices which lead to health challenges. Cynthia will work with you to reverse and prevent many of these common health conditions.

As your Nutritionist, Cynthia will provide you with ongoing, individualized dietary plans and nutritional education based on your goals and food preferences to make the process easy and fun, while integrating the use of whole natural foods.

Cynthia works closely with you to provide motivation, support and advice to help you achieve measurable results and optimal health.

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October 2014

Featured Recipe

Grilled Coriander-Cumin Chicken with Cilantro-Yogurt Dipping Sauce

"I selected this recipe because it is healthy, easy to make and looks delicious. Chicken is high in protein and low in fat. The very smell of Cumin stimulates our salivary glands, facilitating better digestion of food. Also, the essential oils present in cumin act as a disinfectant and help fight viral infections which cause the common cold. Yogurt is naturally high in protein, B-vitamins, essential minerals, and friendly bacteria which helps to boost immunity. Coriander helps digestion, lowers cholesterol, blood sugars and inflammation in the body. Paprika is high in vitamin C and helps to stimulate circulation."

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